The Principles, Policies and Aims on which the Party is based:  

(With reference to Annexure II, [Check List Item Sl. No.6 (a) to (e) and 15]

BRS Party is formed to provide a Government to the People of the Country purely on the real Democratic basis of “OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE.” The present Political Parties have been humiliating and insulting and mutilating Democracy in the Country. Only the Process of Conduct of Elections remained Democratic but not the Rule and Governance of the Country. All kinds of Fascist Political Parties are exploiting the loopholes of the Constitution and are coming to power and no Machinery of the Government, including Law is able to make them to adhere to the Constitution of the Country. The conditions laid down in Preamble of the Constitution are not fulfilled even after 70 long years after Independence of the Country. Politicians promised to eradicate poverty in India have not fulfilled their promise. Politicians promised to eradicate illiteracy in India have not fulfilled their promise.  Politicians promised to provide quality of Health and Education to the people has been encouraging parties with commercial interests thereby distancing the poor from quality of Education and Health. Instead of imposing of discipline and control the Government Employees to deliver their duties, the Rulers have been encouraging Corruption, Nepotism and Favoritism among the Government Employees thereby leading to deterioration of the Administration. Pointing at it other political parties encourage privatization of Government Departments denying welfare for the people. BRS will ensure that the Government Employees deliver their duties without yielding to Corruption, Nepotism and Favoritism. BRS aims to generate employment through manufacturing Sector. BRS aims to implement Free Education and Free Medical Facilities to the People. BRS also aims to provide livelihood for the hapless and downtrodden discouraging Beggary. Presently only the Farmers are asked to deliver their agricultural products on welfare basis thereby driving them to utter poverty and resort to suicides. BRS will encourage Marketing Agricultural Products through their cooperative societies. Cooperative Societies will be financed, by the BRS Government. Landless poor will be encouraged to form Cooperative Societies, will be encouraged to identify fertile Government Lands and will be permitted to till and enjoy the yield.

BRS wants to make the Government, Welfare Oriented by implementation of all the above mentioned measures. Development from Villages level is the Dream of BRS. Development concentrated at one or two places is not the method BRS stands for. In this Technologically Developed Universe, it is possible to attain Villages as developed packets of Conglomeration. Administration at Village level supervised from Seat of Power or Capital City. BRS also stands for implementation of Cooperative Sustenance in each and every field of Human activity. BRS wish to see the People as Entrepreneurs and not as Servants. BRS also wish to see Equality and not discrimination in the Society.

The Scholars and the common people of the Country have realized that the Political Parties in India are working to help the Capitalists to corner the resources of the Country on quid pro quo basis and stacking the wealth of the Country in Foreign Countries. The bureaucratic machinery since the time of Independence of the Country is only good for playing hand in glove with the Corrupt Politicians and Industrialists and also themselves grow Rich. The intelligent People are helping Common People to realize the importance of Politics in their lives. They convince them to resolve, “IF POLITICS DECIDE OUR FUTURE WE WILL DECIDE OUR (FUTURE) POLITICS.” The youth of the Country is getting prepared to take control of the Administration of the Country and lead it to become the Most Powerful Economy of the World without sacrificing the welfare of the people from the poorest of the poor to richest of the rich within the already existing Rules and Regulations of the Country. Many selfless youth of the Country are ready to work for Development of the Poor without yielding to temptations and appeasements of the riches.

The Bahujana Rashtra Saithi Party shall bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by Law established, and to the principles of socialism, secularism and democracy and would uphold the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India.

BRS party will not, in any manner, promote or instigate or participate in violence.


BRS party will hold Elections to Central Executive Committee every 4 (Four) years. Regular election (once in every two years) to all positions of Village, Mandal, Constituency and District Committees of the Party shall be held as and when they become due.


BRS will awaken people and make them realize what they have lost during the past selfish, corrupt rule and by making them realize what they can do for the Development of themselves and thereby the Country through our programs of one to one approach, Public Meetings and publicity machinery through our Members and Volunteers and also through Distribution of Pamphlets, Booklets and if possible through Cultural Teams etcetera.

No other organs are formed as on today. As and when they are formed the Election Commission will be informed with due respect.

Many of the Caste Societies have come forward to support our Party. Letters issued by the Societies are submitted herewith please.